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Reviewing Is the Miami Service Worth Booking?


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Miami is one of the best parts of the country for enjoying a day out on the water, which is why thousands of friends and families each year search for the best yacht charter in Miami.

That’s why we were so excited to review yet another charter company, Instyle Yachts. At first glance, the company appears to have a strong selection of yachts to choose from, but that doesn’t mean their worth working with. We’ll dig into the different amenities, the rental costs, the different policies in place and other key details to accurately evaluate the company.

Keep reading to find out if the organization is worth renting from, or if you should keep searching for the right yacht rental company for your needs.

A Look at the Yacht Amenities and Styling

Although no information about yacht age is provided, the yachts available to rent from Instyle Yachts are clearly modern and furnished to impress. Each yacht is outfitted with luxury upholstery throughout, fine wood accents, ample walking decks, lovely lounge areas for enjoying the Miami sun and more. Whether you opt for a smaller yacht, or go all out with the largest booking option, the boat is sure to leave you and your guests feeling impressed. Many of the yachts feature amenities such as minibars, kitchens, interior cabins, bathrooms and more for maximum comfort out on the water.

An Excellent Boat Selection​

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36′ Sundancer
55′ Sea Ray Sedan Bridge
58′ Neptunus
62′ Azimut
65′ Princess
65′ Princess
103′ Maiora
One of the key features we look at when reviewing a yacht company is the boat selection that’s available. Not everyone has the same needs in terms of yacht size. That’s why it’s so important to have many different options to work with. We were very impressed by all the different options that Instyle Yachts had to offer in terms of boat options available for a yacht charter in Miami. From smaller 36′ yachts to large sized 58′ yachts, there is a boat available for every party size. It makes no difference whether you’re looking for a relaxing night out on the water with a couple of friends, or you want to throw a party out over the water with you and 12 other people, you can get space for your group.

It’s important to note that standard yacht rentals don’t allow for more than 13 guests out on the water. Special rentals must be acquired for groups larger than 13, but there are available options from Instyle Yachts, they’re just more costly to use.

Good Photos but Few Details

There are ample photos of each of the different boats on offer from this company, making it easy to get a feel for each yacht before making a decision about which to rent. We found the details of each yacht lacking compared to some other services though. There are only brief descriptions for each of the yachts, forcing us to carefully review the photos to determine what amenities are available on the different yachts.

A Simple Booking Process

A sample form only. For booking, please visit their site.

Whether booking through the home website, or through a third-party service like Tripadvisor, setting up a Yacht Charter for Instyle Yachts is as simple as clicking a few buttons and making a payment. You can get a custom quote for a charter you customize or choose one of the pre-defined charters on Tripadvisor to rapidly book a day out on the water. Our only criticism is that we wish there was a better variety of boat options to choose from on the Tripadvisor site, but customers with special requests will generally book through the Instyle Yachts website anyway.

A Liberal Food and Drink Policy

While some yacht companies require all guests to leave their foods and drinks at home and to purchase packages from the company for refreshments on the trip, that’s not how Instyle Yachts works.

While there are refreshment options available, guests are welcome to bring their own non-staining drinks and a range of foods as well. Guests will enjoy the flexibility of being allowed to bring aboard their own refreshments for maximum fun out on the water.

It’s important to note that potentially staining beverages such as juices and red wines are prohibited on the ship to protect the luxury interior.

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A Nice Mix of Available Destinations

What good is a big, beautiful yacht without a lovely, exotic destination to visit? As a company based out of Miami, there are a few nice tropical locations that can be visited during a day out on the water. For short cruises, the yachts travel to Monument Island, past celebrity homes, the Miami River or by the Marine Stadium Water Sports Arena. Guests that book longer cruises can effortlessly travel to Key West for a bit of snorkeling or shopping, or they can explore the many different islands throughout the Bahamas, just 55 miles away. These tropical locations are convenient to Miami and make Instyle Yachts a fun repeat business to work with for customers that want to go out on the water and explore new locations in the future.


Enjoy breathtaking views of downtown Miami’s skyline, the Port of Miami, Brickell Key, Fisher Island, the Flagler Monument, Star and Hibiscus Island with Millionaires Row’s world renowned architecture and celebrity filled islands.

We are happy to customize an itinerary for you.


The Bahamian Islands are a mere 55 miles from US mainland, with countless islands to explore, they are a frequent and popular destination for our day charters. Destinations are Nassau, Atlantis, Paradise Island, Exumas, Land and Sea Park, Bimini, Abacos, Freeport, and Grand Bahamas..


As the only living coral barrier reef in the United States, the corals in Key West are home to a variety of marine life. Key West is sure to impress with picturesque vistas, shopping, dining and a vibrant nightlife.

One of the very last places in the world where you can live your life on your own terms.

A Generous Cancellation Policy

Most people face unexpected changes in their lives all the time. That’s why we always examine the cancellation policy used by different yacht rental companies. Whether you’re looking for a party boat rental in Miami or you want a smaller ship to sail around on, it’s vital that you’re able to cancel without losing your deposit if something comes up. We were impressed by the cancellation policy offered by Instyle Yachts because it’s one of the more generous policies we’ve seen. As long as you cancel your charter more than 24 hours before its set to launch, you can get your full deposit back and avoid the costs of the service entirely.

A Look at the Costs

While it’s impossible to give out specific pricing for the different yachts offered by this Miami-based company, we were impressed to see that the costs were in the middle of the pack for daily yacht rentals compared to competitors.

Instyle Yachts clearly isn’t the cheapest option in Miami, but that’s not the point. The company offers top-level quality ships, liberal policies, lovely amenities and is flexible enough for most types of celebrations. The company offers excellent value for its price-point, which is exactly what we look for when reviewing yacht charters and rentals.

Overall, Instyle Yachts offers an excellent mixture of quality boats and chartering options. It’s a fun option for celebrating couples, groups of friends, families and more, and gives everyone an option worth considering helping get them out on the water.