An Honest Review of Miami Yacht Charter Water Fantaseas

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Reviewing Is this Yacht Party Charter Worth it?


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Miami is well-known for its beautiful weather and for its breathtaking waterfront scenery. What better way to enjoy all these warm and sunny days than aboard a yacht with family or friends? That’s why yacht rentals are popular in the Miami area, but choosing the right charter company isn’t easy. There are several in the area, and some are better than others.

That’s why we put together reviews on leading yacht rental companies including Water Fantaseas, the subject of this review. This company has an impressive selection of boats and it offers some party options that others don’t. That doesn’t automatically make it the best yacht company though. Find out if this provider is worth working with below.

An Impressive Boat Selection

There are different boats to choose from when working with this charter company. The option you select should be based on what you want to do for the day. There are large-scale party boats that can hold up to 120 guests. There are loads of speed boats for water sports, there are small-scale sailboats for relaxing romantic getaways and many different motor yachts for small groups that want to travel in the most luxurious environment. Choose from a more compact 40′ ship, or rent out a massive 117′ motor yacht that will give your whole party space for the ultimate in comfort

Limited but Luxurious Party Boats

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100' Midnight Sun
80' Solstice Luxury

There are only two different party yachts to choose from when working with this company. Fortunately, the yachts are 80′ and 100′ long and equipped with a huge variety of amenities and comfortable features that are perfect for entertaining. Each ship is decorated with warm wood trim and modern design accents. There are multiple enclosed rooms on either of the yachts and ample room for entertaining no matter what sort of party or event is happening onboard the yachts.

Lots of Boat Details and Photos

100' Midnight Sun
80' Solstice Luxury

Most customers never look at the yachts, catamarans or speedboats they rent from Water Fanataseas until they’re about to board for their charter and this isn’t an issue thanks to the details and photos provided. There are more than a dozen photos for most of the ships showcasing the different cabins and amenities onboard. There is also a lengthy page of details including descriptions of amenities, guest number limitations, and even ship dimensions. All of these details make choosing the right boat simple when working with this company.

Full and Half Day Charter Options

Customers can choose to rent one of the two yachts for an entire day or half a day out on the warm waters of Miami. Custom itineraries are allowed, but many choose to travel to the Florida Keys or one of the nearby islands off the coast of Miami. A full day charter gives customers loads of options to work with, but half-day rentals limit riders to touring the waters around Miami and nearby islands. It’s also possible to charter a yacht for multiple days for trips to the Bahamans and other more distant locations.

Large Maximum Voyager Limits

Most of the standard yachts available from Water Fantaseas only allow a maximum of 12 passengers aboard by law, no matter the size of the vessel. There are two different boats available in the fleet though and they can accommodate groups up to 120 members in size.

Enjoy Access to Exciting Water Activities

Customers can add on access to water sports and activities like snorkeling, swimming and jet skiing while on a charter with a Fantaseas yacht. These additions come at an extra cost though and must be arranged ahead of time to be sure they’re available.



Jet Skiing

Food and Drink is Available Through the Provider

While some yacht charters allow guests to bring on their own food and drink, that’s not how Water Fantaseas does things. Guests must get their refreshments and meals from the staff onboard the vessel. There’s a fully stocked bar and alcohol is complimentary on many of the full and half-day charters. Food comes at an added cost on all trips though.


On the positive side, the yacht company serves up a wide variety of simple and fine-dining meals. Choose the food you want to be catered for your event or party and enjoy the high-quality food that’s served up as a result.  There are some instances where customers can bring on outside food and drink, but it must be provided by a licensed catering company with insurance for catering aboard a yacht, and approval must be obtained from Water Fantaseas on a case-by-case basis.

Prices are Reasonable and Deals are Offered Frequently

Renting a yacht isn’t cheap by any means, but the prices charged for full and half-day charters with Water Fantaseas are competitive for what is offered to the guests.

A Simple Reservation Process

Reserving a charter is as simple as selecting your ideal boat and filling out a short form for a custom quote. Once the quote is received the reservation process can be finalized in just a few minutes over the phone.


We were impressed with the boat selection, the information provided as well as the prices charged by Water Fantaseas. This company does have some shortcomings though. It’s very strict about what food and beverages are brought onto the boats. Most customers will end up paying for costly catering services from the company rather than dealing with the requirements of bringing on external food. The company is one of the best options for businesses or individuals that want to throw parties and have large get-togethers on a party boat and the company offers charters to meet the needs of most customers.