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Miami is home of the sunshine, the water, and the warmth. Due to this, many people flock in this area to hit the boats, the beaches, and perhaps even pick up some new friends along the way. Yachting is one of those excursions that you must try when in the area.

We have taken some time to dive deep into those charters out there worth mentioning. Whether you want to know if they are good or bad, or if they are who you should sign up with the Miami yacht charter you are looking for, then we have the information you seek right here.

Amenities and Styling Inside and Outside the Yacht

With two different boats, the Airship 340 and the Wicked, you can find that they both provide tremendous help in navigating the waters and having a good time. Those who are taking a trip and want to ride in a boat that gets you there fast, has enough deck room, and ensures you are comfortable – the Airship would be an ideal choice.


The Wicked option is larger charter yacht that provides a lot of space and open viewing for those who want to see the world from afar. There is a living space below deck, as well as room for staff and a smaller party to be brought anywhere that they’d like. The boat is upscale, comfortable, and provides a smooth ride, regardless of where you are going outside of the Miami waters.

Airship 340

An Excellent Boat Selection

As a yacht charter in Miami, they have a couple of options which allows you to choose whether you want a smaller or larger boat for the needs that you have. You don’t have to worry about not being able to bring some friends or even a whole family out for a trip on the water with a yacht that allows you to do so.


Take off from the ports of Miami, and smoothly glide around in luxury aboard the Wicked. Providing comfortable accommodations for sleeping, watching television, entertaining guests and even eating meals; there is plenty to do while you sail to an offsite area.


We are impressed with the Wicked yacht, as it provides full-on amenities, such as a full kitchen, living room, bedrooms, and even bathrooms for everyone to use. Impressively compact from the outside, the inside houses a decent amount of space and extras to be used.


While they only have the two yachts, it is important that you book your reservation ahead of time. They fill up quickly and with the amount of desire that comes from wanting the Wicked yacht for smaller parties and gatherings, it is important to reach out ahead of time.

Good Photos but Only a Small Amount of Details

Airship 340

The boats all have a decent number of photos of each of them from the outside to the inside. They show the rooms, the inside of the ship provides a good look into the bathroom, kitchen amenities, living room, bedroom and more. You can find yourself sitting on one of the expansive decks overlooking the water below.


They do have a decent number of pictures, but unfortunately, the amount of information that is given is lacking in some instances. You can see how large the boat is, what it comes with, and how many it holds.

Many Charter and Trip Types

A lot of people want to know more about the yacht charter in Miami that they go with and how long they are able to use the yacht for. This is especially true for those who are going to be coming from afar and want to get their money’s worth out of the trip.


Wicked Charters provides term charter trips that are customized to the person’s itinerary and needs. They can bring you anywhere you want to go, providing the best possible trip and experience you have had. Wicked sleeps 8 but can hold up to 12 passengers and you can take them wherever you want to go.


Day trips are also available for those who want to spend some time aboard the yacht, but do not want to spend the night in it.

A Look Into the Booking Process

We took a look into the booking process to find out what it entails.
You can click the booking icon at the top of the webpage and be brought to a new page where you input your information.

You can then choose which dates work the best for you based off of the calendar provided on this section.

Once this is done and submitted, you will get a call to confirm and lock in your reservation for the yacht. It is a simply process.

A sample form only.

Charter Wicked Today – it’s easy!
  1. Check out our calendar for availability (located below form).
  2. Fill out the form below with your information.
  3. We’ll contact you with pricing and charter details.

Our calendar shows when Wicked is already booked, or otherwise unavailable to charter.

The Mix of Available Destinations

Where you can sail to in the yacht is tremendous. With plenty of options, you can choose which one fits your lifestyle or wants the most. One of the most popular destinations is the Intra Coastal Waterway. This provides a tropical feeling to those who want to explore the waters and lands beyond Miami. You can also go to Miami Beach if you want to hang out in the area a little bit longer.

Those who want to get a bit further out can check out Biscayne Bay, Fort Lauderdale, Bahamas, Bimini, and Key West. You can find that each of these locations has something for everyone to do. They also provide the user with a way to enjoy the beautiful weather and just hang out on the boat if they want or explore the lands they are offering.

Their Food and Drink Policy

Unlike some of the other yachts and charters, you can bring your own food and drink with you. Providing the user with a full kitchen, you can use the amenities to enjoy dinner, lunch, breakfast and even those midnight snacks in style. This is a great way to enjoy life on the water. It also means that if you catch any of those fish right there on the boat, you can make them on the boat, as well.  

What Does All of This Cost?

The costs are impossible to know for sure because there is not a lot of specific information about this. They will be sure to contact you with an amount that is fit for you and your budget. You can find that they are ranked well on the affordable aspect of yacht charters in Miami, allowing you to know you are choosing the best company to hit the waters on.  

If you want a deeper discount, look for an empty leg charter. This is when the boat has to go back to where it is ported. When someone is dropped off somewhere, you can catch the yacht back for a deeply discounted price.


Overall, Wicked Charters is an ideal charter for those that do not want to pull out all of the bells and whistles but provides the best experience for someone who wants to try it out for themselves and see where it takes you.  

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels